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Posted 11th Aug 2022

We are currently on a Flexible Avro October 2021 V1 tarrif with Octopus and they have icreased our payments up to £301 a month, I cannot lower it as its to cover the price increase etc..
Are there any better tarrifs out there please?
£2375.47 a year for electricity
£806.54 a year for gas

Tariff Name Flexible Avro October
2021 v1
Product Type Variable
Payment Method Direct Debit
Unit Rate 26.05p/kWh
Standing Charge 45.96p/day (£167.75/year)
Price Guaranteed Until Not applicable
Early Exit Fee None
Estimated Annual Usage 8040.7 kWh

I would really appreciate it if someone could recommend a better deal, I know this is to cover price increases etc but £300 a month is a lot of money to us

Thank you !!
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    I never understand people who moan about direct debit payments. I am on Octopus too same tariff. CANCEL your direct debit. Do a reading in the app once a month or once a week whichever suits you best. I do mine every saturday morning. Once reading has been added to the app it tells you within a minute or so what you've used. You then make a one off payment on the app to cover the week/month. Simple. They get exactly what you owe. Not a penny more not a penny less...
    Admast79's avatar
    This. Exactly this.

    Direct debit would be good, if they would charge it after reading submitting - paying more "through the whole spring to late autumn" is like giving them 0% loan.

    Imagine you have 1 million clients, they givelet's say £400 extra, that's £400.000.000 that they can invest for free. With even some safe investment that give back 2%, they got £8.000.000 for free!

    Cancel direct debit.
  2. wpj's avatar
    My son is moving into a flat and was offered a one year deal with Scottish Power. When we did the calculations, Octopus was half the price. Clearly, thing swill change shortly, but it's pretty difficult to get much better.

    Only hope is that there is some genuine change (as suggested) with the companies which are 100% renewable electricity (as Octopus is). Currently, it just goes into the pool with the rest.
  3. BigBoss85's avatar
    Just leave it as it is. At least you will be in credit and won't have to worry much when the prices increase in winter.
  4. slipthru25's avatar
    Is your electric usage correct? that's over 2 x the national average.
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    Wow, I can't imagine how to use that much a year. Some days I use just 3kwh.
  5. Buckyball's avatar
    I'm surprised how much energy people use. We are 2 in a 3BR house. 1 fridge/ freezer combo, TV and all the small items, one is working from home, so 1 laptop + display basically running 24/7.

    Paying combined for gas and electricity £150/month via direct debit and have almost £700 credit at Octopus.
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    My heating used to be set at 16, but a baby has stopped that!
  6. smith2001uk's avatar
    There's nothing better. My only offer for a fixed from British gas is equivalent of £7k a year.
  7. Van1973's avatar
    I'd look at your Electric usage to see if there are any opportunities to reduce. Your estimated annual usage is 8040.7 kWh - that's probably about twice the average household electric use.
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    jennie2015 Author
    I have no idea how it is that high to be honest, We are careful with what we use
  8. Pandamansays's avatar
    You need to check if the estimated annual usage (8040kwh) is accurate.
    If it is accurate, then you'll save the most money by seriously cutting down your usage.
    That amount of electricity is getting on for 3 times the average home's use.
    That will save you far more than any possible tariff change could ever hope to.
  9. deleted2130460's avatar
    Anonymous User
    I disagree with paying to cover winter

    Energy companies spread so much of this because they love receiving money upfront, means they can spend it

    If you are worried not being able to afford winter then 2 things

    Put it into a savings account


    Use what you can afford in the winter

    Some will say that it they have it in savings then you will just spend it, but this is a bad attitude, having money in the bank makes it easier then living month to month

    Because people month to month just buy stuff because they have money left and know there is more coming

    People with 3k in an account can see that creep down
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    And this is the problem with society nowadays in the buy now pay later world. Nobody knows the real value of money.

    20yrs ago when loan rates were 8% we learnt the value of money and those before us in the 80s when it was 15%

    Ive always been bought up to save for something and have also save for a rainy day. If I need a new boiler, new clutch, fridge, washer etc I've got the money set aside for that
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