Posted 29th Aug 2012
hi guys

got a query i need answering sharpish please.

ive got a painter working in me cellar and he said he noticed a whiff of gas coming from my main gas box which is located in the cellar. Now he said he cant be sure as he's been there all day so it could abit of damp mixed with the paint smell he's been working with all day.

but i want to know, if i call the gas board, if there is a issue with the main gas box, do they charge to fix it?

My painter said leave it for tomorrow when he comes in and he will know first thing in the morning if it gas as right now, he said he cant be sure as like I said, he's been in the cellar all day so it just could be the dampness and the paint smell which is making him think that.

but in the even if I have to, just want to know their prices so im not caught unawares.

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