Gas Fire Problems

Found 22nd Jan 2009
Ugh, I am having a complete nightmare. Firstly I ordered a lovely inset gas fire/surround and mantel in November. It was delivered on 19th December and the mantel and hearth were damaged, they just delivered the replacements yesterday (21st Jan) and the hearth was the wrong one! Anyway, now I have the gas fitter at my house who after removing the old gas fire has found that the new fire won't fit but I've had this fire sitting around since 19th December and have only just found this out due to the fault of the company I bought it from (i.e. because I had a delay in getting it fitted due to them keep sending me faulty parts) but I don't think they'll refund me now due to the time that's gone by. Apparently there was no way we'd have known this without them removing the fire and now instead of the georgeous inset fire I'd chosen, I have to get an outset fire but they all look so big and ugly - is it possible to get an attractive outset fire? We wanted something nice looking and modern!
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You must be able to return surely as you didnt have the complete item until recently? call them and explain?
Why wont it take an inset? is it the flue type?
I haven't won any friends there unfortunately as I have received appalling service. I have just called them and he said I'm outside the timeframe and it's the fault of the gas fitter who looked at it in the first place. I explained that had they sent the right stuff in the first place I'd have known within the week what the situation was and would have been able to send it back. Apparently it's a classs 2 pre-cast flue.
I would ring for advice from trading standards-i am sure you can buy inset fires for a class 2 pre-cast flue. Cant they exchange it for one which will fit?
He said I could find one and we could talk about it then, but couldn't offer me any help of what might fit. Apparently it has a depth of 90mm!

I think I might call Trading Standards although never had to contact them before so not sure of the procedure or if I'm likely to get anywhere.
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