Posted 5th Dec 2022
I have just gone out to read my gas meter but upon pushing the button nothing happens. No numbers at all and no light on the screen as if the power has gone. Anyone know any possible causes for this or is this something our energy company would have to come out and fix? The heating is working fine but just can't read the meter
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    I honestly don't know how it can make a reading if the battery is dead. Unless its reading still (in the background) and the battery if just for the screen/LED/transmission to the elec meter for onwards forwarding to utility company.

    More than likely keeps the usage memory in the background and would forward on when a new battery is installed. (edited)
    It can't. If it's dead, it's dead.

    If its an old dumb digital meter there is no way.

    If its a smart meter with a IHD and the IHD isn't displaying usage then it's dead and no readings can be made. If its showing data on IHD and just no display then it's still reading and just a faulty display.
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    That won't be happening
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    Battery in gas meter has gone flat, call out the energy company to replace. (edited)
    Cheers, will give them an email.
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    If the battery is dead then no gas supply to the property. It happened to me 2 month ago. They will replace with new 2nd generation smart meter. Call your gas supplier.
    Possibly no gas supply but more than likely gas supply will continue
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    They can’t bill you for current usage because it’s an old meter and no way of seeing usage . It happened to me in previous property . Lucky you 
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    Think they usually send people out to read it if it hasn't been read for a few months. Unless they've stopped all that.
    If there is no display there is nothing to read
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