Found 1st Mar 2007
Just reading up about the saving money by switching supplier. I'm just in the process of moving so I'm giving it a go.

I don't move in till mid march but really want the electricity and gas on tomorrow for my new house as we have builders in there. However obviously I still want the electricity for our old fat till mid march.

Whats the best way going about this as the switch websites dont seem to mention this problem

Any help would be grateful.
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speak to the cheapest company over the phone, they will help you out.
very rare these days for suppliers to switch the supply off on a change of tenancy as it costs money to send a guy out once, never mind twice. 99% chance will just have to turn on supply at each meter/consumer unit. unless it's a reposession or the previous owner left debts - do you know who the suppliers are?
if you don't know the supplier, ring 0845 6030618 and they'll tell you and give you a phone number for your supplier, ring the supplier and they should know the status, they'll take your name etc. - no problem with having your name on two accounts at the same time.
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