Posted 14th Jul 2022 (Posted 19 h, 38 m ago)
I'm due to fly out of Gatwick next month with family, and I've noticed that for £5 each, we can book premium security. I was wondering, with the current fiasco of long queues at the airport, will premium security be of benefit to bypass the long wait or is it not worth it?
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    I have been through 5 times (S Terninal) in the last couple of months, first time was a 6.20am flight and I went through the fast track that comes with my ticket anyway (premium), and after going through it just fed you to the right into the front of the normal queue that was very quiet anyway, but on future occasions I was fed left into a dedicated scanner but the normal queue didn’t look that bad, seems to be a gamble, doubt I would pay for it at Gatwick.

    When you come out of the fast track scanning and turn left to go down the escalators (South terminal), take a left just before the escalators and there is a corridor that takes you around missing duty free straight to the executive lounge, not many people know that but saves going down through the dreaded duty free and up again

    Another tip:
    Heathrow is another matter, I always have fast track included in my ticket and that has saved me hours of queuing there, one trick there is to use the fast track at the North of Term 5 (far left as you walk in) even if you have checked in at Zone E or up that way, that is always quiet andbrings you out at the doors of the BA executive lounge.

    Re Term 5 if flying to the US you have to have your documents checked even if you have checked in online and that has to be done up at the entrance to the security at the South end which is a pain, I flew to Washington for a July 4th party and had that issue but still quicker using the North fast track, same for last Sunday for a flight to Sydney as you can’t check in online and bag drop so have to check in at the airport. (edited)
    That's great advice.. thank you. I've made a note of your advice in my phone
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    A lot depends on that day and the time of the day. I flew out at the start of the Jubilee week holiday and cleared security in 10 mins - the line was moving fast. But this was at noon. A friend flew out the next morning and it took her an hour.
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    Never paid for premium security at Gatwick and never waited more than 10 minutes. Hope that helps
    Whens last time you used gatwick?
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