Gauging Interest - Iphone 8gb 2g

    Looking to sell my Iphone. It's 2G version, would be unlocked and jailbroken with latest firmware. It's in very good condition, 2 slight marks at top of phone on each corner (would provide pics) apart from that no scratches on screen or anywhere else.

    The only problem with the phone is the switch on the side, that turns the phone in and out of silent mode is broken, and the phone is stuck in silent/vibrate mode - apart from that the phone is in perfect working order. I must add, the speaker within the phone still works, the switch just needs to be repaired.

    Will come with all the usual - charger, docking station, earphones, screen cleaner...all the usual.

    Also can provide - leather case, and silicone case.

    How much should I ask?


    Around the £150 mark i would say. That switch may be a bit of a problem/hassle to fix. Also the prices have dropped slightly for the 2G iPhones. They go for

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    Thanks for the reply, I was hoping for around that mark, will probably list it later on here.
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