Hello. Im looking to buy a gazebo but does it have to be on top of grass? I had slabs all in my garden and have a lot of guests coming over soon so think it would be a good idea.


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    Im not sure. i thought the spike things would have to go in the grass. Im probably wrong and just assuming. How is it held up?

    usually the poles have flat feet and the guide ropes you should be able to tie down to a brick or plant pot f it has them

    Ive carefully drilled holes slabs for ours and set nuts into them with a two part adhesive (like araldite) to correspond with the holes where the pegs would normally go, then when we want we can quickly bolt it down (again used araldite to to this time fasten wing nuts to the top of the bolt heads for ease and speed of fixing it down) so far its stood almost 3 months of all weathers with no problems.

    DO NOT go for a budget gazebo though they are a waste of money, the connectors between poles are plastic and soon give way, try to pay a bit more and get one with metal joints, if not at the very least reinforce each connector with adhesive tape round the tube part where the poles slot in.
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