Gazza - This morning - Now!

    Gazza interview is on ITV1 now.


    Anybody else fed up with this Israel - Palestine war over the Gazza Strip :whistling:

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    He is slurrign and blamed it on medication - No-one believed that when Kerry slurred.

    i think kerry was acting wiered as well as sluring she didnt know what she was talking about
    i think gazza is genuinley sluring off medication
    im no expert tho

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    He is on the recovery


    He is on the recovery

    he does seem to be i hope so good luck to him hes had a tough time

    Did you see him yesterday on the BBC iplayer stream when he was being interviewed on Radio 5 Live?

    He nearly lost it a couple of times and obviously still needs the anger management classes.His father, who was sitting next to him, didn't seem to realise that it's darn annoying trying to listen to a radio interview when you are repeatedly receiving text messages and phone calls and you haven't put your phone to silent.
    Was either stupid or ignorant.

    Yes, the drunken wife beater looked in grand form.
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