GBA Micro and a bit of a rant

    i'm looking for a cheap price for the GBA Micro

    I bought one as a gift in the gameplay sale, and bought some games from gameplay too, and also ordered some from

    As usual for great place, they arrived within a few days.

    The Gameplay games were all cancelled, one by one- despite showing in stock, because they said they could not get hold of them. They gave me a £5 voucher for cancelling them, and confirmed that the micro would still be delivered.

    2 weeks on I log into my account and the Micro has been cancelled also - with no email, no apology.. I don't know when it was cancelled, but I clearly have the email saying they would be getting more stock in.

    Why did they list it as in stock on every single item i ordered when none of it was? Strange how now they aren't getting more stock of the Micro when all the other big retailers seem to have it - just at twice the price.

    Anyway, rant over, thoroughly disgusted with gameplay and will never shop with them again...

    Does anyone know where I can source a fairly cheap GBA Micro please?



    They are selling what consoles they have for £39.99.

    You have to go instore.

    Stock levels are really patchy, they seem to have quite a few pink ones (at least they did 2 weeks ago) when I found my green GBA Micro.

    I got lucky a found a green console. It was funny because I think the staff are snapping these up for themselves, when I got mine the assistant phoned up a colleague to confirm that he could sell it to me, ironically I had already reserved it for my me, giving my game membership etc over the phone (to another staff member).

    Otherwise HMV and Amazon (green) have them @ £50.

    If you are looking for a blue one, no Game store had it in stock. I must have phoned 15 Game stores to find stock and it was a repeat call as first time round all I could find were pink and a refurb silver, (£34.99).

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    Thanks, will give my local game a call and see if there's any luck
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