GBA roms

    Anyone know where i can get them?

    obviously as id like to keep my originals in good condition and taking many carts around is not practical...



    PM sent

    google and torrents.

    Original Poster

    thanks everyone...

    ive got the supercard for my gba and ive downloaded a few games and copied them over...but wen i click on the game the screen goes blank and doent load...

    i had a memory card with some gba roms on and they played straight away...

    am i doing something wrong?/

    just copy over the .nds file and make sure its unzipped, some cards play zipped files but i find they are better unzipped

    Original Poster

    yeah i just copied them from the zipped folder onto the card...hmmmm

    did you unzip first? normally i will download, then extract on my desktop, then copy the .nds file over.

    Yep, make sure they're un-zipped first. You won't get far otherwise....

    Get a DS lite with the M3 Real - you can play both DS & GBA roms on it then
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