GDPR - right to be forgotten and deals?

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Hi all,

Just a wonder here about the GDPR that comes in to action on the 25th of May and the part of it that allows us to ask any company/organisation to erase our data, i.e; the right to be forgotten.

Under this law they HAVE to erase all the information they have on us which brings me to my question.

We all know that a lot of sites, stores, service providers offer great deals for new customers while leaving existing customers out in the cold. So I wonder could we use our legal right to be forgotten with these sites and then take up these offers/deals for new customers?

Because they would no longer hold any data on us so we would be technically new customers and they'd have no way of identifying that we've been with them before.

Sounds pretty good to me lol.
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Good question. Potential loophole
Not necessarily, if a business has a genuine business case for keeping your details for a reasonable period of time they do not have to delete them at your request.
This is great, all these companies are asking me if I still want their junk mail. Good riddance!
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