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Found 20th Aug 2006
Bit of a rant here, but didn't know of anywhere else to put it. Not quite sure who to aim it at either, HMV or GE Money.

I've had a GE Money Credit Card for a while and sadly they don't have the facility to do anything online, like my previous Egg, Barclaycard and Mint credit cards did. But I can just about put up with that.

So anyway, there have been a few CD singles, albums and DVDs I've been after for a bit, and as HMV have the best Quidco cash back rating (6% - I know The Hut is 10% but they didn't do half the things I wanted, nor singles etc, and there are other merchants around the 5-7% area, but HMV have been pretty good (of late anyway!))so I thought I would go with them.

What I didn't realise was that whenever they had anything in stock of what I ordered, it would be charged seperately. So when I have about 20 cds and 4 DVDs in stock out of the 30 or so items I ordered, the credit card number takes a bit of a pounding.

I just thought it would be like when you buy items from a HMV store, you have all the items in your basket, take them to the counter, pay for them in one go, and Bob's your uncle. But no. It's almost as if you go up to the counter, with a basket full of goddies and are asked "Hi, can I have one item from your basket please?". You hand it over. It's scanned, and totals £1.99. "That will be £1.99 please" and you'd then ask the question "What about all of the rest of the items in my basket?!" only to be told "Sorry, we can only sell one item at a time."

Needless to say, my credit card company's system was alerted to this high usage, and put a block on card to stop it being used again. I have to problem with that. Internet or otherwise Credit Card fraud should not be tolerated.

However, I had to phone up GE Money to remove the block after confirming it was me, and I wanted to use the card. "Great, the rest of my order can be shipped out and I can listen to the quality tunes of *** ****** ***** and ***** ******".* But no! HMV automatically tried to get the money from my credit card, but my card was declined. I couldn't think why, so I rang GE Money up to ask what the problem was, and it turns out the block was on my card again!

I had it removed, but was told it wouldn't take effect until midnight that night. Which was fair enough. So, surely that would be the end of it, wouldn't it? WRONG!

I had HMV try once more, and as they were unsuccessful, they had cancelled the rest of my order. I rang them up again, ask for it to be taken off, which it was, but was THEN told I would have to ring up every day for the next day or two to make sure it was taken off. So I did, and I rang yesterday, bearing in mind, the first phone call was made on Monday about all of this, so surely it should be off by now......

Yes, you've guessed it, still on there! So it was taken off AGAIN, and this time, the lovely sounding person on the other end of the phone even did a dummy transaction to make sure it was off. It went through, so I thought "HAPPY DAYS! I can use my credit card again! I was out watching football for the rest of the day, and didn't get back til 9ish, so would try again tomorrow (today).

I went on Play to order a phone case, thinking I would be fine to use it today, as the dummy transaction went through. Seconds after placing the order, I have an e-mail from Play with the subject heading of "Order Declined". I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this point.

I rang GE Money up YET AGAIN, and THIS time, was told if I left it for 4-5 days, the block should go automatically. So I will. I won't use it until Saturday. And if it is STILL on there, no matter how nice the person talking to me sounds, all hell will break loose!

What I can't stand is the fact that I can't use my credit card, yet they expect me to pay it off. I couldn't give the excuse that there was a block on my cheques time after time again. They would hit the roof and slap me in the face with a wet kipper, as well as charge me LOADS in fees and whatnot. I would complain to them, as they do have a phone number for complaints, but it's the same number as I've phoned before hand, and there isn't an option to complain that I have heard!

I'm not a happy bunny! Almost goes to show that to get the cashback sometimes isn't worth it! But although 6% of what was £130 isn't going to break the bank, it's better than a kick in the teeth or nothing at all!

Rant over...............ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!.................now.

* The *'s are to hide the artists' names as my taste in music is cheesy to say the least, not everyone's cup of tea for sure! But if you can guess who I meant, there may be a reward!
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Time to change credit cards methinks...
my app was declined with GE but I'm happy with the 5.5k from egg and 0% for 6 months... I like egg's money manager and they gave me £10 for setting up few accounts
This is happening a lot with all cards lately. It's because of the recent [last year or so] card fraud I expect. Millions of pounds for them to pay out [not that they can't afford it].

As Emma says, time to leave them, perhaps they'll deal with it better if you threaten to do that...

As for the cheesy music, I think a couple more clues would help Thanks
I would love to change, but I have just paid £50 for a Balance Transfer as I only joined them 2-3 months ago and have 12 months Interest Free on my BT and all purchases. Almost hypocritcal to say I am annoyed with what is going on, yet want to stay with them for what they are offering I know, but it would mean I would have had to spend £100 on moving my balance around, for what will probably happen again if I ever go through HMV to order more than one item at a time!

As for clues, well.....

1) Think back to the first "Pop Idol" (I think) and think of someone or something to come out of that
2) This new entrant to the world of music is better known for their XXX Rated home movie!
sounds like Will Young and Paris Hilton
I still have no idea lol
Ding ding ding ding! We have a winner!

Paris Hilton's Album was something I purchased, well, tried to.

Nothing from Will Young though. And to paraphrase something Sir Steven Redgrave said: "If you see me buying anything to do with Will Young, you have my permission to shoot me!". I have bad taste in music, but not that bad!

The *'s represent the letters, so ***** could be Steps, but couldn't be Westlife.
Argh no not The Spice Girls
[SIZE=2]Not them Rayman! Close, but no cigar![/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]I bought ALL their albums on the day of their release! With my pocket money most of the time! [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Actually listened to their first album "Spice" the other day, and found myself remembering most of the words, the way they were sung and general chords on the guitar/base lines on the base along with the drumming parts. Am I sad?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Actually, I don't think I know the answer! [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]I really don't know about Pop Idol, as I never watched it... So another wild guess that fits... The Sugar Babes?[/SIZE]
I am surprised no-one has mentioned that Ge money have an 'everyday card' which pays a whopping 3% cashback on food & fuel purchases which they send a cheque for every 6 months.
It is a good enough deal Hanif, but only if you pay off your credit card in full each month. Otherwise the cashback you get back will probably be less than the interest you pay.

And Rayman, it's not The Sugar Babes (actually Sugababes, but never mind! I'll let you off! )

You are right with the first and third words, but the middle word is 6 letters not 5! That's pretty much given it away!
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