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Found 13th Sep 2017
Hi all, purchased a item from Gearbest (MiBand 2) was just wondering how long it would take? It's currently just arrived at London airport.
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Found from my experience that when it arrives at the airport takes another 3-5 days.
I found them to be good, usually about 2 weeks from ordering to delivery. Not had any problems yet.
Sumpong11 h, 3 m ago

I found them to be good, usually about 2 weeks from ordering to delivery. …I found them to be good, usually about 2 weeks from ordering to delivery. Not had any problems yet.

Still waiting on mine, been 2+ weeks now.
Hi Supersako756,

All parcels will encounter the risk of customs inspection, which is beyond our control. We apologize for the delay due to the inspection of the parcels.

We always do our best to take every method to reduce the risk of being checked by the Customs. If there is unfortunately a delay due to the customs inspection, we will do our best to solve the problem as soon as possible and reduce the delay time package.

So, please wait patiently when your parcels encounter a similar problem. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service staff in time.

The parcel in the customs inspection from September 1st to September 7th . We will try to complete the clearance work this week, the customer does not need to pay any extra tariffs. Thank you for your understanding.

For any assistance, you can also contact me here :

Gearbest Store Rep.Alice
I got mine (mi band 2) fairly quickly as well via Yodel! The only issue I had is that I got it delivered at my work place and Yodel claimed it delivered on Saturday when normally my work place is closed, after a very long investigation, talking to Yodel and investigating myself found that Yodel delivery driver dropped it in a post box which didn't even belong to my company! It was their good will that they handed it over to me ...
I have used Gearbest for some years and they have always been pretty reliable but recently i have had 2 orders that have not shown up ... both with Yodel tracking numbers and both which Yodel say are still with Gearbest (which i assume means they have not yet arrived at the Yodel depot in the UK.
Both were purchased on 13th September. WB1709130252340967 shipped 20th Sept after being split into two dispatches (one Yodel one NL post) .WB1709130621470737 didn't ship until 28th Sept (packed for ages and kept clicking the "Ship Faster" button - whatever that is supposed to do!?)
None have arrived and the two Yodel tracking numbers both say they haven't seen the items yet and are with GB still.
After many, many orders this is the first time i am really concerned out what is going on with GB.
A couple of weeks back i wanted to buy a Chuwi tablet from them as it was on offer with the keyboard as an add-on for just a couple of dollars .... but the links never worked so the price and the keyboard were never what they claimed .... and despite promises from them to fix it they never did and so i bought it from Banggood in the end as it worked out cheaper from them.
I won't be buying anything else from GB until i am happy that all is well and they are not having difficulties.
I ordered arounf £30 of items Aug 31 and still have not got my items, same as above tracking still says "With sender
Your parcel will be with us soon 15 September at 00:00"
Gearbest121st Sep

For any assistance, you can also contact me here : …For any assistance, you can also contact me here : Alice@gearbest.comGearbest Store Rep.Alice

Will try send alice a email as support just seems to send me random excuse after excuse
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