Gear box on Chevrolet

Found 16th May
If my gear box went out on my Chevy truck, would I still have reverse? My problem is my truck won't move in any gear except reverse. It'll go into drive but will not move when i press the gas.
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Check your transmission fluid level, you may have a leak (starting point).
Have you recently changed atf.?
Wrong fluid can cause allsorts of problems.

Im sure on auto's the reverse bit of the gearbox is seperate. It could be simple it could be expensive. i cant remember auto box stuff much from my training but generally any gearbox problems are cheaper at a gearbox specialist.

Topgear in glasgow know their stuff.
Topgear Glasgow

Maybe worth having a word with them.
It could be the clutch packs that have gone or low automatic transmission fluid or even a faulty transmission control solenoid.
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