Gear stick not going back into neutral

    Hi all,

    Noticed that the newly purchased 2009 MK5 Seat Ibiza has a problem with the gear knob, it doesn't seem to be springing back into neutral once you've taken it out of a gear. However, actually selecting the gears are fine, no problems there.

    You especially notice it whenever the gear is in reverse or 5th, which makes it pretty difficult to know which gear you're in and which gear you need to go into.

    Any idea what this is? Some sort of spring that needs replacing?


    Nearly all my motoring problems are resolved by merely turning the radio up, so have you tried that?

    Worn gear linkage? Worn selector fork?

    Have a read, not exactly the same problem but could be same cause...…790
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    100% gear linkage. Easy fix if you have a friend whos a mechanic

    Gear linkage, Touch wood it'll only need resetting ;).

    Most sticks use 1 or 2 springs to recenter the stick. They snap and cause the problem you describe. My focus went the same way and it too about 5 minutes to fix.

    I'd go with the return spring, same as wolf mine on the focus went and the stick wouldn't recentre, couple of quid on eBay and a few mins and it felt like new after.

    Must be a common problem because the same thing happened on my Focus.
    Went to the Ford dealer for the part (think it was about £5) but it took a bit longer than 5 mins for me (not the best DIYer).
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