Posted 29th Nov
I'm considering ordering a 4k projector from gearbest. I'm worried about parting with £1000. Are they safe to use?
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"Never spend more than you cannot afford to lose"
I've used gearbest loads, I wouldn't spend that much anywhere for something with no warranty though.
Gearbest are a legitimate business, but one based overseas and specialising in low prices so don't expect normal consumer rights or for them to go the extra mile when something goes wrong.

Probably not the sort of place that'd be your first choice for a £1000 spend, all else being similar.
Section 75 protection: if the merchant accepts direct credit card payment and the primary account holder of a UK credit card makes any direct payment over £99.99 using their credit card then effectively the primary accountholder can enjoy the benefit of replicated merchant obligations serviced in UK, including delivery obligations and merchant warranty obligations. These obligations do not include the usual UK change of mind 14 day return option (the merchant may or may not accept returns at buyer's expense, with the buyer accepting the risk of being unable to enforce any unforthcoming refund unless comfortable with the merchant's local legal sysytem). No (obvious) benefit in taking the merchant's insurance if satisying the above S75 caveats, and no obvious way of enforcing any unforthcoming insurance cover unless the buyer is comfortable with the merchant's local legal sysytem.
The import fees are likely to be an additional £250+.
Just remember gearbest has been hacked a number if times. So don't expect any details, or card numbers to be safe.
adam_holcombe29/11/2019 16:09

A HUKD-employee just posted this on another gearbest deal:"Check the …A HUKD-employee just posted this on another gearbest deal:"Check the returns procedure, always take out the insurance option, pay by credit card, or if not that at least PayPal, expect a long wait, expect no support or warranty with grey import purchases."The fact you have to even say this should stop the retailer being allowed on here!

Thanks @adam_holcombe.

For those that have missed it so far, the outcome of the thread below is what has led to the above quote being present...

"Eglobalcentral uk. - Cant believe this has happened"
fanpages29/11/2019 15:18

"Never spend more than you cannot afford to lose"

This advice is spot on.

@David_GardnerzOo honestly don’t think you should be parting with that of money.

The risk is too high too many thing could
go wrong.
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