Gearbest - Good or Evil?

Found 3rd Oct 2017
Hi All,

Thinking of buying headphones via Gearbest, which are in the region of £150.00

The same headphones are £189.00 on or £178.44 via

Incidentally, it's the same seller on and .fr

Is Gearbest safe and secure? Do I need to worry about import costs or whether the device will work in the U.K.?

I need to to be safe and secure in the knowledge that I am as well as my purchase are protected as I have been badly stung by eBay and PayPal by a purchase bought through them.....

All your helpful thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated , and thanks in advance :0)
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good for small transactions

evil for anything over ~£15
I believe Gearbest directly accept UK credit card payments, in which case pay this (or any other) merchant directly by UK credit card for a £100+ purchase to enjoy UK-enforceable Section75 benefits of the merchant obligations being replicated by UK credit card company.…ses
Import VAT will be due on this transaction plus a courier handling fee of around £10 but it is unlikely it will collected on delivery unless you select one of the large internationally-recognised courier services for delivery. If the import VAT isn't collected on delivery I suppose you may be an upstanding citizen and volunteer to pay it afterwards, somehow.
Steer clear.
I've personally never had a problem with gearbest, maybe I'm lucky? But I'd use them again.
Good for cheap stuff, but I would think twice spending over £100
You want to use gearbest to save 30/40 quid I really wouldn’t bother and just pay the uk/Eu price. If your item actually gets here from China you may be stung for the vat which equals it all out. Then there’s the warranty issues etc, at least with amazon they just replace or refund. I wouldn’t buy anything from gearbest that didn’t save me at least half what it cost over here.
They're a legitimate merchant and their customer service is usually reasonable provided you follow their own terms and conditions rather than expecting UK laws to apply.

Basically factor in import costs, return costs and definitely pay the shipping insurance.

Although on such a small price difference as this I'd go for an EU seller (although make sure your Amazon merchant is EU based and reputable) as there's a good chance it'll be cheaper after you factor in all of those.
Hi All, Thanks for the brill feedback!!!.....think I'll use prime so prefer the safe shopping experience. The seller, Ynotek appear to be based in France....many more reviews on the .fr site too....So, what do you think of these Fiil headphones?.....
Evil for anything over 99p
If you have a problem or it breaks gearbest won't be interested , stick to amazon
Bought two phones £200 each both working perfectly, would definitely buy from them again
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