Gearbest or AliExpress

Found 1st Sep 2017
I'm about to place an order from Gearbest or AliExpress but have never ordered from either before. It's not expensive (<£15), which is most reliable and safest ?

Thanks in advance
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I have bought from both as well as and they are all pretty much the same , shouldn't have any real problems
I've used Gearbest several times and never had a problem. Never used AliExpress.
Used AliExpress recently for a mobile (£120). No issues, just make sure you pick a 'gold seller' (can't remember the proper term but a seller with very high feedback) and don't use DHL or likely to get hit by customs (if over the price limit).
Used gearbest twice
Two headaches I should have avoided
Never again
Aliexpress is a marketplace like ebay, so depends which seller you go with.
Ali would be my choice
Thank you everyone
I've never had to deal with Gearbest, all ordered items have turned up etc.. I've ordered via Aliexpress and on two occasions I've had refunds. No problem and easy to deal with.

Aliexpress would be the safest option.
I find that, barring sales you can often get cheaper prices on Aliexpress - as another poster noted, it's a marketplace so there's more competition.
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