Found 25th Nov 2016
Bought a tablet from Gearbest in May, it took forever to arrive but it eventually rocked up at the end of June.
I had bought it well in advance in order to gift it however when it was turned on there was no power and wouldn't charge or hold charge past 1%.
The battery has swelled up despite using correct charger and voltage. Gearbest want me to send this back despite being told by Post Office staff is is unsafe to do so. Gearbest keep sending their generic response back apologising but they can't change their rules blah blah and that it had been outside of their 45 day policy despite it taking so long to arrive.
Any idea what I am meant to do?
Not particularly bothered as buying from Gearbest is usually a risk in itself anyway but would like to get rid of this tablet for the refund.

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Alice the rep from gearbest usually is on here from time to time,
although with the time difference and the weekend it could be Monday.
I had a problem with the delivery company and she sorted it.
when putting in the tickets to gearbest they usually do get a generic response, I think its more to do with the language barrier than anything else.
good look.

The post office are quite right it can not be shipped due to the damaged battery. It certainly can NOT go by air.

Try offering to gearbest that as the battery is damaged and you are not allowed to ship that, you will open and remove the battery (safely dispose of at local recycling facility) and then ship the rest back?

Well, after attempting to send a dodgy phone back; Royal Mail decided to dispose my package. I had to go through a dispute through PayPal to reclaim around £150. You might have to bite the bullet and negotiate a partial refund.

Hi, friend. Could you please kindly send me your order number for re-checking ?
I am helpful at this issue.

Gearbest Store Rep.Alice
You can contact me here: [email protected]

Original Poster

I was offered $50 credit or $35 with some points for each $. Sticking it out for something better though since they change their offer every message

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