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Posted 13th Nov 2016
Hi All,

Quick question, has anyone been given a VAT invoice on receiving items ordered from Gearbest?

Was looking to buy a mobile from them - I've read elsewhere that no duty is applicable however VAT at 20% is liable, can anyone confirm?

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Check for if same mobile is available through their EU warehouse to avoid VAT or duty charges.
Import and is payable IF HMRC catch it at the port of entry.

As long as you have them ship using China Post 99% of the time it's get through because the dealer will list it with a value of less than $30. But if you have it shipped with carrier (DHL ect), it'll get here much fast but you will get hammered for import/VAT and a processing fee from the carrier.
As above- import duties + VAT payable (+brokers fees) payable if Customs decide to check it . For the life of me I fail to understand why folks buy from China etc with no EU warranty and the chance of hefty fees to save a few quid . But I do buy golf tees and leather belts from there.
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