Gearbest vouchers not working for me - help please!

Found 13th Nov 2017
Hi, can anyone help? i've been trying to purchase a few items in the last few days but the given vouchers always take the price up, and not down. I've used different browsers, clearing cookies, VPN, and even a new account. Does anyone know why this might be? Thank you!
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Several things to factor in. Many of their 'deals' only have 'X units'. When these Ares gone, you them go to the next price if they are in stock.
Another thing is if you go to an item from an email, the price may well have changed. Also the currency conversion mechanics could influence the price. Other than that I have no suggestion.
If you're using category coupons then this is common behaviour as a coupon will replace any pre-applied discount so the final price can end up higher if the discount is smaller.

I'd expect item specific coupons to usually improve the price, but the same behaviour can happen there.

Basically a lot of coupons and discounts on sites like that are useless and actual deals are much rarer than they seem.
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