Gears of war 2 Limited Edition - Help please

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Found 10th Jan 2009
The card for the map pack, lancer and 48hrs LIVE that comes with the game
has only one section that can be scratched off. My question is, is it 3 codes or just one code that downloads all 3 things?
Don´t wanna scratch it off because I sold the lancer and wanna send the card unscratched to the buyer.



I swear I had to put in 2 different codes for the map pack and lancer.

I've yet use the 48hr code.


3 codes...all in that one big scratch panel..each one labelled individually

just write them down seperatly and email the individual codes instead, cheaper too.

oh, anyone got a spare 48hr code?

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Does anyone know how I can scratch the maps code but not the lancer code?
(I´d have to know roughly where the lancer code is I guess)


oh, anyone got a spare 48hr code?

ROFL, I'm waiting till I'm down to my last 1p - then I'll do a classy FS/FT with it to earn myself a quid and feed myself:-D

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on non limited edition the panel you scratch is 2 part map and 48hr live

its about actually look at pic I just took on my phone

so first code on mine is map pack --

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Just scratched the thing off carefully (without revealing the lancer code)..
first is the mappack, second the lancer, third the 48hr live code

Thanks for the replies guys!
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