Gears of War 4 key for trade

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Found 15th Oct 2016
After buying an NVidia GTX recently, I was emailed a redemption key by ebuyer.com for Gears of War 4. The key can be redeemed, as far as I understand, on Windows 10 or Xbox One. The following link may provide more information on redeeming the game: geforce.co.uk/har…le/

This is a game that I did not know I was going to get a key for and am not interested in playing. Since it is classed as an ecode, I cannot post it in the for sale section so am posting it here in the hope of a trade.

I would like to trade the Gears of War 4 redemption code for a Witcher 3 GotY edition Steam key (UK): store.steampowered.com/sub…23/

Here is an image of the invoice (with my address blacked-out, obviously) and proof that I took delivery.




Hey cpjbarrington I'm interested in this... Can't pm you though, is this what you're wanting to trade for clicky

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It is that game but not through GOG. I like to use Steam. I have added a link to the Steam page to the description for clarity.

Ah OK, good luck with trade

Show proof you bought the card and not a glitched key from online

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Show proof you bought the card and not a glitched key from online

I have edited my post to include images of invoice and packaging. Although I'm not sure why it is only a text link not an embedded picture??

Unfortunately I don't have anything to trade

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Would you take £25 for the gears key?
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