Gears of war for XBOX 360 and Now Xmas CD

    Hi, can any one find cheaper prices for these 2 items
    Gears of war for xbox 360 - cheapest I have forund £39.99
    Now that what I call xmas CD - £12.99



    If you've signed up to Quidco £11.99 - 11% = £10.67 from

    Not very happy that they have my Gears of War on "Open Order" at the moment though. :x

    Cheapest I've seen Gears is PC World surprisingly, £34.99 for in-store pick-up. Looks like you do have to reserve it online, as the in-store price is showing as £40.

    Alternatively, you can order it from, and it it's your first order, you'll get £3 off to make the price £34.99 again.

    If you're willing to wait, you can order from Play-Asia for a lot cheaper, but it's coming from abroad so will take some time. An absolutely amazing game by the way!

    Hi Mate,

    If you don't mind waiting a little longer to get Gears of War, you can buy it from HMV online for £32.95 using a voucher and if you use a couple other things you can get it for under £28.00!

    Check this link for the deal i originally posted previously:…941

    Hope you find it helpful mate, it's comfortably the cheapest price i've found on the net, i highly recommend the game for any xbox 360 owner.

    Blockbuster also have it at £34.99 instore, if this helps.
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