Gears of War / Halo 2 (PC versions)

    I've not played PC games for a long time as I use my xbox 360.

    I was just wondering if it is worth buying either of these 2 games second-hand.
    Would I be able to play online or get achievements if I get them second-hand?

    PS - I don't want posts saying how good/bad the games are, just whether I can play online and get achievements on second-hand versions.


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    bump - nobody know?
    or does nobody wanna help me out?

    you can get achievements and play online with you xbox gamertag on Gears of War but there are no achievements I don't think for Halo 2

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    Yeah, there are achievements for both, but I just wanna know if you can still play online and get the achievements with 2nd-hand games, or if you won't be able to due to anti-piracy stuff.

    you definitely can for gears not sure on halo 2

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    you definitely can for gears not sure on halo 2

    OK that's cool, was gonna look for them pretty cheap 2nd-hand but didn't think it'd be worth it with no online or achievements.

    Cheers for the help :thumbsup:
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