Gears of War - Xbox 360 - Who wants to play?

Found 31st Jan 2007
Following the thread suggesting that we should add each other to our xbox live "friends" list, we should arrange to meet up and play games together!

Seeing as Gears of War is hugely popular at the moment, I thought I'd set up a thread where we can arrange to meet at a certain time for a game!

So for starters, I'd like to propose a game tonight (31/1/7) @ 8pm!

First 7 to sign up below can enjoy killing each other (plus me) on GOW online.

note: You don't have to be any good, I'm still learning, it's just for fun!!!

I'll host, and invite ppl @ 8pm.

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Might be able to join at 9ish.

So if you're not full, I'll give you a nudge.

I'm rubbish by the way.
I wouldn't mind a game but I won't be free till 9 - gamertag is Aitch2
I'd love a game but i don't know when i'm going back home, probably on friday but nothings guaranteed.

I don't think you'll like playing against me anyway.......... i'm awfully good with the shotgun and some people seem to think i cheat because of it. hehe
I'm very friendly though and i just see it as a bit of fun, so i'd never cheat and everyone likes me....... on my team anyway lol

Might see you soon though mate, now the only problem is getting online without my bro wanting to dominate.
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OK maybe this is not going to be successful :oops:
heh i may be on but have seen ur name pop up a few times... although ppl say that there headsets echo when i go in their rooms n i don't have a clue why, this isn't just on gears of war, and it happens when i unplug my headset also (can tell cos when ppl talk my speach symbol flashes as if i'm talking)
Some people prob need a bit more notice...

But alas, I may possibly be on at that time and if I am, I'll give you the nod.
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Some people prob need a bit more notice...But alas, I may possibly be on … Some people prob need a bit more notice...But alas, I may possibly be on at that time and if I am, I'll give you the nod.

Yeah I'll try and organise something for next week instead then :thumbsup:
cool mate, add me on to your friends list and we'll have a game whenever possible
My username is CEESTARR and the username with 1 R is my older bro but he normally plays with his other friends.

PS thanks for the help regarding the Java mate, it's greatly appreciated
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no worries, did u get it sorted?
add me
jim sherlock
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add me jim sherlock

You might want to add your xbox live gamertag here…e=4 there's a whole group of us
Im up for a game of Gears sometime! added my gamertag to the other thread.
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