Posted 16th May 2017
You can check this corrupt company out here:…com
And choose 1 star reviews and see how many HUNDREDS of people they have scammed!

I recently contacted PayPal as the answer to a question I had was not in their FAQs.

They replied with an answer that had nothing to do with my question so I replied to it explaining that they had not read my email as they had sent a reply to something I hadn't asked.

I then got another reply saying that they had read it and had answered my question, but perhaps they could have put a little more detail!

I complained and they agreed that my question hadn't been answered and credited my account with £10 for the inconvenience caused by having to complain and for PayPal failing to answer my question.

You would think that was good right? WRONG! Read below for the full details of their DISGUSTING CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I got an email from a Chinese company called GeekBuying with an offer of:
That was the headline banner. Also that the stock is coming from their Spanish warehouse.
So living in the UK means that it would mean no import duty taxes had to be paid so I placed an order for a mobile phone and an in car charger, (so I should get two of each) PLUS...
I also paid an extra premium to have them returned to a local (wasn't sure if this meant UK or Spanish) address if I had to send any of the order back, but either way it's better and cheaper than China!

Well that is part of the scam because in reality the offer was buy one and get a cheap pack of usb cables!

After placing the order I got the order confirmation email off them with the usb pack added, I immediately emailed GeekBuying canceling my order.

I got no reply!

2 days later I got another email saying my order had been processed and shipped!

I emailed them again informing them that I had cancelled my order.

Again I got no reply!

When the order arrived I emailed them again saying that it was a scam and that I would be claiming a full refund via PayPal.

I got a reply! They said... "You misunderstood us, it's buy one get a free gift"

So GeekBuying know the difference in English between the both, but put buy one get one free, knowing that it's a fraudulent statement because they do know the difference in the wording!

I thought I would be safe because I used PayPal Credit to pay, but FFS PayPal are as corrupt as GeekBuying!

I contacted PayPal and explained the situation that I had fallen victim to a scam and asked for a full refund. PayPal said they would be processing it as a "goods not as described" transaction and would be contacting the seller for their side of the situation.

This IS NOT a goods not as described transaction, THIS IS EMAIL FRAUD/DECEPTION!

I uploaded to PayPal copies of the emails I had sent canceling the order, plus the email GeekBuying had sent me about it being me that was mistaken, plus the email with the offer saying BOGOF, and PayPal still insist that it's a goods not as described transaction!

I then got an email from PayPal saying that I have to send the order back to CHINA AT MY OWN EXPENSE for PayPal to give me a refund! It's going to cost me £60 to send the order to China!

I then uploaded to PayPal a copy of the invoice proving that I had paid extra money for the local return address service!


I have sent 12, yes TWELVE emails to PayPal and they keep sending different answers about it!
Some of the emails have said I have to pay nothing at all (full postal refund)
Some of the emails say I have to pay a percentage of the return fees.
Some of the emails say I have to pay in full with no refunds.
One has said that I get up to 45 Australian dollars back.
Another say's £15 British pounds sterling!
The only thing that they are consistent with is to just reiterate that they are sorry that I'm not happy with their service, but I must send them to China as that is the address that GeekBuying has provided them with!

I bought from Spain, paid EU taxes, paid an extra premium to return the goods to a LOCAL RETURN ADDRESS but PayPal ignore all of this and insist that I ship them to China!

PayPal is either:
1. Deliberately insisting that I send the goods to China (even though they came from Spain) in the hopes that I will just accept the goods and go way!
2. Deliberately not helping me because PayPal Credit is the department in PayPal that I made the official complaint about and it is now that department that is dealing with this.
3. Are genuinely so lazy, incompetent and useless at their jobs in that department that this is the best that they can do.
4. They know that this is an act of fraud/deception and are protecting the seller so as to protect themselves.
5. They know it's an act of fraud/deception but they are protecting the revenues that they earn from this corrupt selling practices.

Personally, I think it's number 6, as it's a different person that replies to every email of their's that I replied to, but you can all decide for yourself!

One thing for sure is that I'm not just going away!

So now I'm taking PayPal to the small claims court for all of my money (£160.00) that I lost on the purchase, plus the £60 return postage costs!

DO NOT TRUST EITHER COMPANY! But DEFINITELY don't trust PayPal as they genuinely protect their sellers over buyers, it's in their business section and proves this!
If you're a PayPal customer, look at the section for opening a business account and all the details are there saying that they do everything they possibly can to prevent a customer from making a charge-back through them!
Obviously this is just one of their MANY tactics to stop me from sending the goods back, unless I want to be £60 UK pounds out of pocket!

I really hate my country at the moment for voting to come out of the EU, but thank you for providing me with a way of getting my money back!

See you in county court PayPal!
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