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Geekbuying.com reviews

Posted 14th Jan 2013
I am wondering what people's experiences are with this site, if it is as good as dealextreme and such like sites, then maybe hukd will consider adding the site to the allow list, hence we can then post links to this site.

Personally I so far have had a some experience, also the currency can be shown in GBP and the delivery is free. Please post your reviews and comments here - thanks
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Bought a outdoor IP cam. Got a 'thank you for your order, funds received' email but no ship info, no tracking, no replies to any inquires.
Ignored when questioning my order, I filed a dispute/claim with PayPal. They don't even reply to PayPal!!!
Amazing - Glad I used PayPal.
They seem to suffer from a lack of credibility,
Check these reviews too -

Here's another one -
I'm buying a lot online so i was glad to find a MK908 Android Stick at a fair price at geekbuying.com, also added an air mouse, it was supposed to be a birthday gift for my mom..
also i wanted the order to arrive quickly so i've added 17$ for a DHL shipping that should be take 3-5 days.

...two and a half weeks later ...
I received the package, no MK908 , just the air mouse, contacted customer service, they were very polite & apologetic, i'll give them that, promised to send the missing item soon, and also gave me a coupon code (5$ if i buy for 100$, wow), I wasn't angry, mistakes happen and that's ok, i just wanted them to send it soon.

few days past, i got a cheery email saying the missing item was shipped to me via Singapore post, should arrive 15-30 business days, wait! why mail?? I paid for DHL!! 3-5 business days as you promised!!

No worries!! here is yet another coupon code from the geeks, that should make it alright no? "as you know", they replied "THE EXPRESS FEE OF YOUR ORDER 3155898 HAS BEEN CHARGED ,

And in English - we screwed up - you will pay! as its my fault they send all the items the first time along, i guess i should have paid twice for the DHL service when placing the order knowing this would happen.

making mistakes is ok, but this is plain and simple the WORST customer service I have ever encountered, 5 weeks later, there is no sight of the shipment, there is also a mail strike in the airport, and needless to say my moms bday is well passed. my advice, stay away from those guys.
I've had 4 items arrive so far, seem fine to me
I just tried to buy an IK8 watch phone and should have checked the net about this company.
Paid the extra for DHL and the day it was due I received an email saying it was out of stock. Yet went online and it is still advertised as in stock.
I went to the site and there is no record in my account of the sale which makes it extremely hard to argue. Lol.
I have just started the dispute process and will ask for a claim to be made for the money so they can delay all they like. Lucky I paid extra for the express so they have to give a number for the parcel. And I paid for insurance.
I suggest that people think very hard about saving a few dollars or pounds for the headache that will follow.

Personal opinion and warning.
Do a net search before buying from unknown sites and always use payment methods where you can get your money back. Also as soon as the company delays start the claim process.

Bought the tablet from them. Was offered with gift, no gift and model was wrong. Very disappointed.
Avoid this shop. You are you own when you have a problem, like a defective device, or something you did not order. They do not have items on stock. They will order them themselves after order intake. That explains the long delivery times. See GeekBuying scam. Be aware, It's save to buy a Aliexpress, Alibaba.com or Ebay.
NEGATIVE experience of Geekbuying.com purchase and service.

Incorrect information on Geekbuying.com (Cube Iwork8 wifi with 5000 mAh battery). Prior to purchase I requested confirmation that it was 5000 mAh and not 3300 mAh battery. Geekbuying confirmed by email that it was a 5000 mAh battery.
I therefore thought Cube had upgraded the battery of the wifi version so I ordered one from Geekbuying.com.
Received with 3300 mAh battery. When I indicated the problem, they checked with Cube, said sorry for the errors and corrected their website but refused to replace tablet received.
Impossible to return tablet received without paying return shipment to China (27 euros). Impossible to use Spanish warehouse for return even though they charged me an extra $2.99 for this service when I ordered.
After many email exchanges without getting anywhere, I mentionned PAYPAL dispute. Their response was that they would also charge me restocking fee, plus any repairs if the tablet was damaged or scratched. As compensation they offered me $10 refund if I kept the tablet.
To end the hassle, I will keep the tablet with limited battery life (about 3 hours of light use). Will try to sell tablet, probably at a loss, but less expensive than return to China.
Obviously I will NOT use Geekbuying.com for the replacement tablet and I would not recommend anyone to buy from them.

Verdict : Even though they have the Paypal buyer protection logo on their website, Geekbuying.com is not to be trusted.
received defective tablet

"NEVER BUY FROM THEM . BAD experience overall
after sales support is bad .2-3/5 days to reply emails.
received a defective tablet teclast x98 air 3g.
cant sent the tablet back. not economical for me to sent the tablet. have to spend $100
asked for a partial refund of half . denied to refund .
paypal also in favour of seller to return tablet for refund."

received defective tablet"NEVER BUY FROM THEM . BAD experience … received defective tablet"NEVER BUY FROM THEM . BAD experience overallafter sales support is bad .2-3/5 days to reply emails.received a defective tablet teclast x98 air 3g.mediafire.com/folder/a9eutj5z8lws4/teclastx98air3gcant sent the tablet back. not economical for me to sent the tablet. have to spend $100asked for a partial refund of half . denied to refund .paypal also in favour of seller to return tablet for refund."

No one will give you a refund without sending the item back
I'm having an issue with an item purchased from Geekbuying.com. I've filed the complaint with Paypal and now I need to send the item back. The address they gave me appears incomplete.
广东省 Shenzhen yinhai building 5th floor HuaQiangbei ZhenHua Road 518000中国

Do any of you have a good physical mailing address so I can send this broken thing back?

Thanks in advance - live and learn I suppose....
I've never used Geekbuying, but I have been happy with the service offered by DealExtreme, FocalPrice and BangGood.

There are a couple others like TinyDeal, PandaWill and Tmart which are meant to be similar, but I've not tried yet.
Baught a MXIII tv box from them. After I spent a week intalling everything, I restarted the box and the date and time chagned to somewhere in 2004. Tried to get relevant help from the after sale team but got irelevant and non professional answers and needed to wait a day for each answer, while the box working worse each day (restarting itself, closing kodi several times a day, status bar disapearing etc.). Re-installed ROM just to realize it's exactly the same as the one installed, with the same problems. Asked to return the item for a refund and got an answer that you can only return it after a week... bad service and malfunctioned product.
Absolutely horrible website. Purchased 2 cell phones worth 420USD in total. First got a message from them saying that the order is of very high value and the region from where I am shopping is high risk so I must provide additional proof of identity. I did send all the details and the charged my credit card for 420USD. After the charge I get another email saying my zip code is incorrect and they cannot DHL my purchase to this location. I tried to explain them that for last 8 years I have been getting items delivered to same location via DHL. Didn't help.

Then I decided to request a refund. Their live chat service is unavailable 24x7! The one time I could chat after like a loooooooooooong wait, as soon as I said I want a refund the agent simply ignored me. I tried calling the number on their website and I always get a busy message. I have even emailed them asking for refund and I got no response. I hope they do not read this and respond saying the zip code is incorrect because that's all the agent kept repeating throughout.

Will never shop from these guys again.
I purchased a UHANS phone from this company for my son after following a offer from UHANS offering a phone for $0.99 which turned out to be a scam, all they did was enter you in a competition to win the phone. So I canceled the order right away (literally minutes after placing the order as soon as I realized the scam from UHANS) and asked for a different phone, but GeekBuying ignored my cancellation and shipped the item anyway the next day. I refused delivery of the item and told the courier to take it back as I had canceled it.
GeekBuying have refused to be nice, would not accept their mistake or make any compromise or effort to resolve, they are still refusing to cancel and refund me, and are keeping my money ($148). I tried to appeal to PayPal, but Geekbuying are lying to PayPal as well, falsing claiming that they never received my cancellation request (even though they replied to it , thus proving they received it) and my claim has been denied.
What kind of company screws over its customers at Christmas?
This money was for a present my 4 year old son, and I now cannot afford to get him anything due to GeekBuying keeping my money. Needless to say I will not be ordering from this company again.
I've been scammed. 215 Euros gone. They're fake. Cheats. No customer support. Won't reply to emails. Ring their number and it's dead. Live chat is only available presales. I've been duped. Doing everything to try and get my money back.
Order Number: #3830299
Title: Bad return policy. It will cost you more to sort out.. Rip off
Geekbuying sent incorrect handset. They requested I return the handset but had to follow their instructions which I was not comfortable with. You are forced to follow their instructions even if there is a risk it will not work. As expected, the return deliver failed and was I am now forced to go and collect from courier. I always believed the return delivery would fail or I will lose out but had no choice. They know how to play the system and force customers into giving up returning items.
If, and I say if, you are sent the incorrect item you will loose out. The financial cost is with you if the purchase goes wrong. They push the cost of mistakes onto customers. Avoid them at all costs unless you are willing to take that hit.
It seems that Geekingbutying are crap all around, I remeber starting this thread and I cant beleive that all the comments are negative, but it is good to know and I appreicate all the feedback, I think I will have to stick with Gearbest instead, or is that another debate altogether -
Positive for me !!

Bought 2 - KW88 Smartwatches on 2 seperate orders.....no problems at all !
I bought a number of fitness bands from geekbuying. One was faulty and they refunded but it took an effort and did try and avoid replacing. The strap on another came apart at the seems and they did reply to my emails, but said would only send out replacement if I would pay an inflated postage charge which was more than buying (with free postage) straight of their web-site.

My items did turn up, well packaged and as expected. They are cheaper than most if not all, but after sales is politely dismissive of customers. As another review already said, I get the impression they know and are playing the system. Consider is the upfront saving is enough to take the risk of little or no rectification if things go wrong.

No one will give you a refund without sending the item back

This isn't true at all... In my experience most honest companies will either offer free returns for faulty goods/wrong item sent or simply want proof the item is faulty/damaged, I have even had it where merely my word is good enough for refund/new item sent.

I do not and will never accept that I should pay for and take the time to send a faulty item back before a refund/new item.


This isn't true at all... In my experience most honest companies will … This isn't true at all... In my experience most honest companies will either offer free returns for faulty goods/wrong item sent or simply want proof the item is faulty/damaged, I have even had it where merely my word is good enough for refund/new item sent.I do not and will never accept that I should pay for and take the time to send a faulty item back before a refund/new item.

Yes but not these Chinese outfits. They will request you send it back first to China which costs ££.

I've posted once about GeekBuying, the site said it had published it but can't find it, so I'll try again!


I recently contacted PayPal as the answer to a question I had was not in their FAQs.

They replied with an answer that had nothing to do with my question so I replied to it explaining that they had not read my email as they had sent a reply to something I hadn't asked.

I then got another reply saying that they had read it and had answered my question, but perhaps they could have put a little more detail!

I complained and they agreed that my question hadn't been answered and credited my account with £10 for the inconvenience caused by having to complain and for PayPal failing to answer my question.

You would think that was good right? WRONG! Read below for the full details of their DISGUSTING CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I got an email from a Chinese company called GeekBuying with an offer of:
That was the headline banner. Also that the stock is coming from their Spanish warehouse.
So living in the UK means that it would mean no import duty taxes had to be paid so I placed an order for a mobile phone and an in car charger, (so I should get two of each) PLUS...
I also paid an extra premium to have them returned to a local (wasn't sure if this meant UK or Spanish) address if I had to send any of the order back, but either way it's better and cheaper than China!

Well that is part of the scam because in reality the offer was buy one and get a cheap pack of usb cables!

After placing the order I got the order confirmation email off them with the usb pack added, I immediately emailed GeekBuying canceling my order.

I got no reply!

2 days later I got another email saying my order had been processed and shipped!

I emailed them again informing them that I had cancelled my order.

Again I got no reply!

When the order arrived I emailed them again saying that it was a scam and that I would be claiming a full refund via PayPal.

I got a reply! They said... "You misunderstood us, it's buy one get a free gift"

So GeekBuying know the difference in English between the both, but put buy one get one free, knowing that it's a fraudulent statement because they do know the difference in the wording!

I thought I would be safe because I used PayPal Credit to pay, but FFS PayPal are as corrupt as GeekBuying!

I contacted PayPal and explained the situation that I had fallen victim to a scam and asked for a full refund. PayPal said they would be processing it as a "goods not as described" transaction and would be contacting the seller for their side of the situation.

This IS NOT a goods not as described transaction, THIS IS EMAIL FRAUD/DECEPTION!

I uploaded to PayPal copies of the emails I had sent canceling the order, plus the email GeekBuying had sent me about it being me that was mistaken, plus the email with the offer saying BOGOF, and PayPal still insist that it's a goods not as described transaction!

I then got an email from PayPal saying that I have to send the order back to CHINA AT MY OWN EXPENSE for PayPal to give me a refund! It's going to cost me £60 to send the order to China!

I then uploaded to PayPal a copy of the invoice proving that I had paid extra money for the local return address service!


I have sent 12, yes TWELVE emails to PayPal and they keep sending different answers about it!
Some of the emails have said I have to pay nothing at all (full postal refund)
Some of the emails say I have to pay a percentage of the return fees.
Some of the emails say I have to pay in full with no refunds.
One has said that I get up to 45 Australian dollars back.
Another say's £15 British pounds sterling!
The only thing that they are consistent with is to just reiterate that they are sorry that I'm not happy with their service, but I must send them to China as that is the address that GeekBuying has provided them with!

I bought from Spain, paid EU taxes, paid an extra premium to return the goods to a LOCAL RETURN ADDRESS but PayPal ignore all of this and insist that I ship them to China!

PayPal is either:
1. Deliberately insisting that I send the goods to China (even though they came from Spain) in the hopes that I will just accept the goods and go way!
2. Deliberately not helping me because PayPal Credit is the department in PayPal that I made the official complaint about and it is now that department that is dealing with this.
3. Are genuinely so lazy, incompetent and useless at their jobs in that department that this is the best that they can do.
4. They know that this is an act of fraud/deception and are protecting the seller so as to protect themselves.
5. They know it's an act of fraud/deception but they are protecting the revenues that they earn from this corrupt selling practices.

Personally, I think it's number 6, as it's a different person that replies to every email of their's that I replied to, but you can all decide for yourself!

One thing for sure is that I'm not just going away!

So now I'm taking PayPal to the small claims court for all of my money (£160.00) that I lost on the purchase, plus the £60 return postage costs!

DO NOT TRUST EITHER COMPANY! But DEFINITELY don't trust PayPal as they genuinely protect their sellers over buyers, it's in their business section and proves this!
If you're a PayPal customer, look at the section for opening a business account and all the details are there saying that they do everything they possibly can to prevent a customer from making a charge-back through them!
Obviously this is just one of their MANY tactics to stop me from sending the goods back, unless I want to be £60 UK pounds out of pocket!

I really hate my country at the moment for voting to come out of the EU, but thank you for providing me with a way of getting my money back!

See you in county court PayPal!
Geek buying don't order anything from this shower of crooks!!!! I ordered 2 multi media TVs boxes and paid extra for DHL 3-5 working days products ordered 04/08/2017 arrived 21/08/2017, in addition to this I had to pay an additional £17.00 in import duties which was never mentioned and one of the units was clearly faulty.

I contacted them via email and was asked for pictures and a video, which I took and sent straight away, which clearly showed the unit was faulty.

I then received an email which is copied below

Dear Stephen ,

Sorry about the problems you get , and please return this defective item to us,

We will replace a new one for you if there is no scratch or damage on the appearance.

Please back up or delete all: data, pictures, contacts, software or other information that is contained on the Product prior to shipping to the Authorized Service Provider and remove any PIN, Password or any other functions that are blocking access to device. We are not responsible for any lost data or other information.

About the shipping, please pay attention to the following:

1. Send back the item WITH the original box,cables & charger

2. Choose the cheapest regular airmail with tracking number ( NO DHL, NO UPS or other fast shipping, as it's very hard for us to do the clearance in HK custom( not as easy as your country) and it will take 2 weeks or even longer to plus the high tax ).

3. Please print the attached authorized paper out and fill in the information ( ORDER NUMBER & the problems),

4. Pack the item carefully with bubble and make sure it won’t be damaged during the shipping, declare the package as "Gift " and value under $30 if you can.

For items needed to be refunded, there should be no scratch or any damage on the appearance, or else GeekBuying has to charge customers 20% of the item amount for restocking.

5. Inform us the tracking number after you send and we will inform you when it arrives.

Here is the Return Address attached, pls kindly check and read it carefully.

Any further questions pls feel free to tell us.

Best regards

DON'T BUY FROM THEM .......!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are thieves, they sent me an empty shipment after I ordered Xiaomi 6 phone for 450$ and waited for it 3 weeks. they told me that I have to file a complaint against my local courier which I did and still in dispute with them and now they are telling me that I have already got my cargo .
Defective product, won't refund/repair, evasive customer service

I bought a Geekbox electronic board and a small screen from Geekbuying in march 2017 for 150 USD. The board arrived faulty, one of the communication ports was fried. I took some time and demonstrated the issue with oscilloscope captures of the data lines and documented the investigation process so that it's easy to understand what the problem is and I emailed their customer support asking for a replacement unit.
I wrote 7 emails to them where I had to constantly remind and ask them about my broken unit. They finally agreed to take it back in JUNE ! So I sent the item back and they received it on the 4th of August.
It is now the 21st of OCTOBER and they keep telling me that the item is "being repaired" every time I write to them. I am very frustrated that I spent so much time, energy and money on this.
They won't refund or give any indication of when is this going to be fixed. I don't even need the damned thing 7 months later !

I got ripped off - please steer clear of this shady company.
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY !!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered a camera for my husband for Christmas in November 2017 - we are now nearly in April 2018 and, numerous emails later, and I have received NOTHING - no camera, no refund and no more responses to my emails.

They are running a SCAM - they are thieves, do not buy from them !!!!

I bought a laptop from Geekbuying Germany and I want to return it. They are now asking me to send it back to China. Is this legal? How can they do this?

I don't mind spending my own money to return it to germany but I am not using my own money to move geekbuyings stock around the world for them!
Edited by: "Guy_With_Beard" 29th May 2018
I have purchased many electronic items from China for many years and this is the 1st time I used GeekBuying to purchase a phone. 1st time using GeekBuying and my purchased phone stuck at custom. Requested from GeekBuying what is the return fees and they reply that they don't know until they received the returned item. They can't even estimate the return cost to me. This shows that they are very poor and inexperience in handling delivery.

So, beware that your purchased item(s) might stuck at the custom. Better use other company, eventhought GeekBuying can provide a slightly cheaper price BUT it is not worth the hassle and "extra" $$ paying the custom.

Just my 2 cents...
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