Geeky Leaving Present?

    I have been put in charge of buying a leaving present for someone who is leaving from work.

    I have about £30 to spend.

    The person in question is a bit of a geek and is into anything to do with science (particularly physics).
    He uses linux mostly so the present could involve a bit of a gag with that.

    But I don't really know.

    I thought about a binary clock.

    Anyone got any ideas?



    £30 worth of items that have your company's logo on it. That should be geeky enough.

    USB mug warmer for a start
    You could add JPod by Douglas Coupland (AMAZON) if he reads - very geeky book.

    Give him the £30 so he can go loose his virginity :lol:

    Seriously though, USB gadgets are the way forward for geeks.

    USB Extender ;-)

    The shower boobs I saw advertised on here recently :-D

    I was going to suggest a Binary Clock. I bought one for a friend who was retiring - we'd had to do a ICT course a while back and understand Binary and this bloke got very stressed about it so the clock was a bit of a giggle. It actually looks a bit smart too - not too big and pretty blue leds!

    surely cdr's for all those distros downloaded which don't quite do what he wants lol otherwise i'd go with the stripper/hooker idea so he can see some real boobs before he dies

    yeah get him noshed off hahaha
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