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    OK so my little ones pc blew up today and have narrowed it down to the Geforce 8600 it had in it. So im now in the market for a new card but have not looked at any of the newer cards since i purchased mine 2 years ago, and dont know which ones are good value atm. I have always gone Nvidia over ATI so would like to stick with that so please no recommendations for ATIs... but have a bit of a dilema.

    In my games machine i have an 8800gts 512 which pretty much flies at 1920x1080 and have never had any probs. I am thinking perhaps it may be time to upgrade this however and was looking at maybe offsetting some of the cash i would have spent on the kids machine and put it towards mine ;-)

    So the choices ive got are:

    1. Buy a GT240 for the kids machine at roughly £70 - machine back upo and running easy option.

    2. Give the kids my 8800gts512 and upgrade to say a gts250 for £95.

    BUT will the gts250 give me much of a performance increase over the 8800 or is it better with something like a 9800gt, which seems to equate to around the same.

    So any gfx guru's out there that can point me in the right direction ? Bottom line is if i have to shell out £70 to get the kids a new card is it worth going up to a max of say £125 and upgrade my old 8800gts for a newer model ? Have looked at benchmarks for the past hour but the 800gts512 still pretty much holds its own... and a lot of the new GT2xx series seems to all be rebadged 9800 or 8800 anyway.

    Confused :-)


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    PS... if there is a better card for sub £150 that will fly the i can stretch. Im just going by what my local Novatech sell and the next one up from the GTS250 is the GTX470 at a massive £280 !

    ]Novatech GTS250

    i know u said no ati's but one of the best cards for your money right now is a 4870 ati which is better than a gts 250 and about same price

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    Much better in terms of performance and games support ?

    I had ATI many years ago and some games were glitchy with it... but that was while ago now.

    Also would the 4870 be significantly faster than my 8800gts512 ?

    Shame Novatech dont sell the 4870 to get some idea on it :-(


    What brand of Geforce is it? Mine is an XFX and it's got a lifetime warranty.

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    I think its a sparkle... the fan sticker came off when the fan was playing up about a year ago. Either way i know its not lifetime.... unfortunate to say :-(



    I think its a sparkle... the fan sticker came off when the fan was … I think its a sparkle... the fan sticker came off when the fan was playing up about a year ago. Either way i know its not lifetime.... unfortunate to say :-(

    Something to think about for your next card? :thumbsup:

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    That seems the best option atm tbh... although ive just seen the GTX260 for £150 at scan.

    Anyone know if the extra £50 would be worth it in the long run ??

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    Last post before i make up my mind peeps:

    Is this worth the money (although its Pixmania) as it seems to be £40 cheaper than elsewhere. Everyone keeps raving on about it so maybe better than the GTX260 ??


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    Thats what happened last time i had one m8 ;-)

    Ok time to choose i suppose... head says gtx260.... wallett says gts250 :-D

    the ati is better than the 250 and 260
    if u want safe route stick with nvidia or go ati and get a better card for cheaper


    Don't get ATI unless you want lot's of fun with unstable crappy drivers.

    Nothing wrong with Ati drivers, you are living in the dark ages, perhaps when Nvidia were actually better than Ati..

    ati and nvidia are pretty much on a par price/perf wise but as you can see from the nvidia "the way its meant to be played" seems more games are developed on/for nvidia machines
    ps the 512mb 8800gts is identical to the 250 so for an upgrade it has to be the 260, must say i really like mine.
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