Geforce Graphics Card Guidance please.

    Hey there,

    I'm not too knowlegable when it comes graphics cards and what knot but i'd be exrtremely happy if some could advise me.

    I have dell vostro 200 pc and i would like to upgrade the graphics card as good as i can get for £50, would this one work with my machine? -…vi/

    Is this the best at the price?

    Thanks sooo much HUKD lot!!


    Yep, that should work and is good bang for your buck.

    Before buying a graphics card make double sure that your Dell PC has a graphics card slot, and if so what one it is.

    Dell sometimes sell PCs with NO graphics card slot (they dont like people upgrading their PCs).

    Also most modern PCs come with a slot called PCI-E to take the graphics card, but older PCs can come with a slot called AGP.

    A PCI-E card wont fit in an AGP slot and vice versa.

    It is probably a PCI-E slot, but just check you have one to make sure.

    His computer does have a PCI-e slot, I checked before I answered.
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