GeForce Now Beta Free Invitation with Codes

Posted 12th May 2018
Today is your day — this is your official access pass into GeForce NOW. We’ve recently added more capacity and we’re inviting you to join the free beta.

Transform any laptop or desktop into a high-performance gaming rig powered by NVIDIA GPUs in the cloud.

To participate in the beta, you need a compatible Windows PC or Mac computer with a 25 Mbps Internet connection, and to be located in North America or Europe.

Your one-time use code:

If you need to redownload your Mac or PC builds, you will find them here.

Be informed on the latest news and updates about GeForce NOW through Facebook and Twitter. Visit our support page to see system requirements, FAQs, and provide feedback on your experience in our forums.
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So do you have spare invites? If so I would like one please. Would be awesome to try it out. Thanks.
I would also love this, please let me know if you have any spare codes that we could trade!!
can i please have a geforce now code
can i please have a geforce now code
Can i have an account plz
Can i have a code plz
Please give me code GeForce now im frenc
please give me accaunt i dont have mony my dreame is play fortnite on 60 fps pls
Please can i have a code, i have been waiting for like a year and my parents will not buy me a console or a gaming pc they say its expensive so please can you give me the code it would be highly appreciated. Thank you and i hope i will get the code.
pls iwant it my pc s so baaad its not open minecraft
Plz code bro
Hey i would really like it if you guys will have an extra invitation code for me
i am trying to get one but it takes for ages so got any Codes For me?
lutfen geforce kodu varsa cok ıhtıyacım var verırsenız cok sevınırım
can you please give me one account? you have my facebook : alexandru stan
Can you plz msg me to invite me i really eanna play fortnite and DOOM on this crap pc of minr
Could I please have a code because I play on a 2015 Mac book air and I only get 10-20 frames and would love to be able to play on higher frames
pls give me beta key
Can i please get a beta key
can i have a code please ? i would love it
give me code please
Can you give me a code please???
Anymore codes available?
Can I please have a code when I run fortnite I am only on 20 FPS? I would appreciate it
Please; I REALLY need a code. My PC has all the requirements, but no code! I also don't have enough storage for games! Somebody, PLEASE give me a code!
may i please get a activation code as i would like to start a new youtube channel t make money for my family and make other people love and get some love thanks you
i have a mac so thats really slow
please give me all my friends play games and i cant ):
Can i have one?
I have Nivida shield & I am looking for G.F.N code
can you please give me code to activate GeForce N
I know i post this comment a year later and probably nothing is left, but can someone give me a code please? my pc is trash and i dont have money to buy even a bread
I was hoping for an invite/code if possible please.
give me code plzzzzzzzzzzz I hope you give me code
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