General Accident Car Insurance - Telemetrics/Black Box Policy!

Posted 2nd Apr 2019
Ok, wanted to moan about the above but wasn't sure where or who to moan to, so thought I would vent on here for a minute or two

Unfortunately, with the cost of insurance these days the only way for most young/newly qualified drivers to get on the road is to have a "black box" policy?
Or you could just not bother and save yourself thousands?? (not condoning that at all, but it makes you feel that way sometimes?!)

Eldest son has just taken out a policy with General Accident (who are a trading arm of Aviva these days)
Because of his age and that he's only been driving a year, the insurance seemed expensive, unless he wanted a policy with a black box that almost halved the price, not from the same company though.

Ok, decision made, Black Box policy it is, the difference will or should cover just about all his expenses of running the car for the next year, including the petrol.
They tell him that he will hear about the black box and fitting it in due course, which he duly does.
Unlike previously, the black box supplied by this insurer is a self fit unit, small and compact and simply plugs into the OBD port and links to an app on your phone to monitor your driving style/habits.
Knew all that so, so far, so good.

Anyway, long story short, he's changed his car.
Expected there to be some charges associated with doing so but wasn't prepared for a £70 removal fee and a £70 fitting fee for the black box!!!!

I get there would be charges for someone else to do those things if they'd been "fitted" as such, but to charge him £70 for him to locate the OBD port and insert the black box into it seemed excessive!!
To then charge him another £70 for him to remove said black box from the OBD port seemed excessive again!!
And there's nothing he can say or do about it as it's in his policy, that there may be a charge for the fitting and removal of the black box!!

Just a word of warning if you're or someone you know is in the market for this type of insurance, General Accident will charge you for working for them?
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