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Found 14th Feb 2005
I've built my own website in the past, but forums are totally new to me. (Sorry mods. I'm gettin the hang of searching now.) So... how are mods chosen and how much is it to host a forum? I want to look at some websites maybe who provide forum services, and I've been trying to look at other forums too.

Any help? I hope to spark a chain of conversation with this!

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Do you have your own server? You can get forum software like phpBB for free but you'll need SQL and PHP installed on your server to have it work. How you choose mods is up to you if you run a forum

Where are you hosting your websites now? The first step is to check if your host supports sql and php.

Wow, epic bump.


Haha. Classic!

So ducky has got the hang of the search features! I hope he can share!!!
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