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Posted 1st Mar
I had a huge faff with my insurance, got a quoted price, rang up a few days later to take out the policy, only the price had gone up since, someone rang me and we sorted it out at the original quote price, since then I keep getting payment reminders for the higher quote price saying my insurance will default if it’s not paid.

Tried emailing but waiting 2/3 days at a push for a response is a little disheartening, tried saynoto0870 and no number listed for them.

Only number I have is if it wish to make a claim, tried ringing that anyway, just to be told they only deal with claims and promptly got hung up on.

So, does anyone have an actual number where I can ring and speak to someone, please?
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Google says they are online only for contact after 28 days, but the number should be on your original policy quote or on the comparison site details.

Was this the number you rang: 0345 030 7976?
It’s a renewal, 2’nd year. Surprisingly cheaper than going elsewhere, rare but it happens!

The number that rang me was withheld, so I can’t even ring it back, on the policy however is just the claims number, and says for everything else to email or use their website, so it’s just a circle jerk to get someone on the phone.
Check the terms and conditions, i done a quote for insurance and say “tesco, hastings, go skippy + few others they expired same day.

admiral theres lasted few weeks.
They only deal with queries via email , I had a policy with general accident . Didn’t stay with them this year because I don’t like the fact I can’t contact them via phone for queries , they only have a claim phone line .
It's going to the number that you previously rang? "rang up a few days later to take out the policy". They will then get the correct people to ring you back, as like last time.
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I've looked through all my policy stuff and the only number they give is the 0345 for claims. Try logging into website and they should have at least a contact form on there.
i have had to contact GA a few times and they have always come back quite quickly. I am surprised you are having problems. when did you contact them? Friday as they won't be working on the weekend for general enquiries.
Email support is 7 days a week apparently.. They’ve finally replied to my email however and have asked for a mini statement/screenshot of the payment I’ve made, so they can “trace the payment”

Hopefully all be sorted out in the next few days, but will definitely rethink who I go with next time as I’d like someone who is easy to contact when things like this come up!
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