Generic batteries vs Originals

    So I'm looking for a battery for my camera/camcorder and wondered on peoples experiences with generic (e.g. ebay ones) and originals. Can someone fill me in. Cheers.


    You'd be best with some high capacity rechargeables as you'll save yourself a fortune!

    Around 2200mah and up would be suitable (The higher the longer they'll last although they'll take longer to charge.)

    As for makes of rechargeables, There all pretty much of a muchness although its best to stick with makes you've heard of.

    svp do some 2500 energizer good quality ant theres 6 for 38 + Delivery

    the same type but 2200 version and only 4 are £15 in asda

    ow both include charger!

    ill look for link

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    Sorry guys I meant as in original rechargeables vs oem versions

    OEM can be a bit hit and miss but I guess it depends on the price differences really. If the OEM battery is the same capacity and technology (ie both Li-Ion 2000mAH etc) and the OEM is by a known/established brand you'll probs have no problems, if it is an unbranded battery shipped over from China/HK its a bit more of a gamble.

    Basically what Jah said, It'd be better to stick with makes you've heard of (like Uniross etc, Or i've got some Fameart's which are good to)

    I'd definetly go for NI-MH over NI-CD, You'd need to check your battery charger can charge NI-MH but they are often higher capacity and have no memory effect.

    Assuming that these will not be standard sizes like AA, C or D etc, then I use compatibles in my Nikon D70 & P5000 and they give me no problems whatsoever.

    Li-Ion is the latest tech in batteries, and they don't exhibit any memory, knocks spots off Ni-MH, and I can't remember the last time I used Ni-Cad !

    Right, I've re-read the thread and i'm following down the wrong track!

    The compatibles are normally a bit cheaper but Inside its more or less the same stuff as an original, You shouldn't have a problem.

    Go for OEM's.

    For my Canon camcorder, the originals would have cost me about £35 each. But I bought 2x OEM with MORE power for about £15 from ebay.

    And they really did have more power - I tested and timed them.

    I bought batteries for my (and friend's) camcorders and digicams at Battery Force. Excellent quality and great service. I went for Energizer-branded ones.

    I bought a generic battery for my Fuji Camera from, for £6.99 + Postage, it is every bit as good as the original.;-)
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