Genesis presale "fan's only" £145

Posted 5th Mar
ok so this is a 'hot deal' judging from the speed of the website loading, and some people will be happily paying this, but surely the industry still needs to sort its pricing system if they truly want to stop exploiting the high irrational demand of the 'true fans' ?
'General Public' sales starts Friday 5th March, 9am…/en
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Supply and demand, it’s how the world works...

the last 2 iron maiden concerts I went to was ticketless, you had to take the card you paid on and photo Id with you and all the party had to go in together. It stopped the ticket touts and resales..
I bought two tickets yesterday via O2 priority.
The tickets for £88 sold out within about 90 minutes. These tickets however were for sections in the O2 arena that would not have been the most desirable, behind or to the side of the main stage and up in the Gods. The next priced tickets were £148, which at first glance is ‘how much’ But compare that with some West End theatre tickets and they are comparable.
This is probably the last time Genesis will ever perform again, and for me, I’ll for forsake Xmas Presents, Birthday presents and Anniversary gifts, just to attend. For £148 I’m willing to have an night out and listen to some of the greatest music ever composed, go to a local ‘state of the art’ venue, sit one section back from the main stage and 2 rows from the front.
The average age demographic for these concerts will be people in their 50’s with disposable income. Only two nights in London, meaning only 30,000 people approximately will ever get to see the farewell concerts. Compare this with 90 minutes of dross most Saturday afternoons watching 22 ridiculously overpaid morons run around a field, seems like good value to me!
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As streaming is now here. The musicians do not make as much in ‘sales’ as they used to. Now they have to cash in on public appearances.
While it’s steep, it’s also justified in some ways. Wouldn’t we all love to take decade plus breaks from work. Come back and make a few years more to tide you by.
Factor in Insurance’s, staff, equipment, transports, fuel, electricity, security, payment systems, agent cuts, venue cuts, groupies, etc. It all us to be paid for.
If it actually says "fan's only" then it's almost certainly a scam site.
A sure sign of these scams is the poorly-translated English.

I've saved you £145 already.
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