Genius Bread now available on prescription

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Found 2nd Oct 2010
For those of you who need a gluten-free diet, you will be pleased to know that 'Genius' bread, which is a good substitute for 'real' bread, is now available on prescription from your GP.

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Thanks for this! Forwarded on to my Gramps as it'll come in useful for him.

Thanks. Will ask my doctor about this. Funnily enough he first name is Marg.

I think I pressed expired by mistake sorry

why dont they sell this in errrrr shops like errrrr tesco etc?

They could place it next to the "mouse free" bread


why dont they sell this in errrrr shops like errrrr tesco etc?

It is


This is by far the best best gluten free bread but only get on prescription if you don;t have to pay. It tends to go off pretty quickly so I use a few slices and freeze the rest on day of purchase to make toast etc
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This is reasonable bread. If you have coeliac disease or similar and buy a pre-paid prescription card for just over £100 a year you can get your basic food from your GP. EG. a middle aged female gets 14 units of food per month. I get a couple of boxes of pasta, pizza bases, flour mixes, biscuits etc each month. Genius bread is about £2.80 per loaf at most supermarkets and you can now get it in packs of 6 from the pharmacy on your prescription, leaving 8 units of other food left each month for pasta, biscuits, crackers etc. The bread freezes well. This is a much cheaper way of getting it.

my daughter was told by the chemist that she can no get genius on prescription as any one else been told this

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Your chemist is wrong. Go to your gp and ask there. Some chemists don't have the right lists. It does vary from county to county but I hav'nt heard of anyone not being alowed it.

Can diabetics get this and is it available on 'pharmacy first'?

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The only announcement was that those who have coeliac disease and can't eat ordinary bread can get it on prescription.
As diabetics can eat ordinary bread I very much doubt if they can get it on prescription.
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