genuine query about ipods

    how much could i get for a white 20gb classic and a 40gb classic. both white. both scratched up as they've been used alot but do work. no cables or headphones...


    £15 for 20gb £25 for 40 gb???

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    lol, that all. wow.

    you wont get much put it as that. Im guessing you might have paid around £200 for one of them.
    £35 for the 40gb

    £25 for the 20gb

    Maybe more try ebay for luck.

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    actually my dads giving them to me. he keeps upgrading the damned things and i found them in his computer drawer. when asked why he said: well i dont need 3 when im workin do i

    I remember when the 20gb was £200 when released.

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    same as. i used to have the archos 20gb wit hthe big blue rubber pads on each corner (incase dropped). was an awesome mp3 player. had it for 2 years before the hd died. always said i'd never get an ipod (hate em, especially itunes) but for free...

    itunes is the killer, if ipod was drag and drop, im sure they would have more of the market cornered.

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    there must be a way around it surely??

    Yeh there are someways but itunes videos are unbeatable the quality is mad ! worth buying well i dont buy em a family member does so i just like use their account lol.

    my sis updates my ipod using realplayer. i dont do it myself as i hate i tunes!

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    LOL. so i could use a 3rd party program with the ipod classic??

    Ace Hayward;1963304

    lol, that all. wow.

    give you £28 for 40gb classic for it as long as it works

    yeah, realplayer works.....but that can still be a pain sometimes.

    There are third party programs that can manage the Ipod more directly, while I steer clear of these devices myself I'd have a look at Winamp and its plugins as it did support this function at one point in time.



    I remember when the 20gb was £200 when released.

    I remember paying £219 for my 20gb 4G. It still works today :thumbsup: Use it as a portable HD now though.
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