Genuine site or fakes

Posted 18th May 2019

came across outlet on eBay and the found their website. Prices seem good but concerned they might be online seem positive but also could be fake.

Anyone able to give any input?


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Check the Q&A section - as usual you can spot the 'copy and pasted' sections, and then the text they wrote themselves!

Seems they also have an eBay shop under the same name, which then states their business address (which matches one of the website ones). This company is registered with Companies House, but take a look at their feedback.

Apparelicks - strange name, seems there is a company called Apparel Kicks.
The website show their Companies House registration no. as 0949050, which does not exist.
Their 2 addresses is shown as a building on an industrial unit without signage on google earth.
The website however was registered a few years ago, but until there is any concrete confirmation, I would avoid.
Ive bought many from them in the past 4 years, and never had an issue, Ive also collect from their Manchester site, they arent a retail shop front seller, inside their offices is very professional. Again Ive never had any issues, they import them, all I can say regards to fakes they must be very good ones ! They have assured me in writing they are genuine converse. Im pretty sure if they were selling fakes in Manchester where there have been many raids and crack downs, they would have been closed down by now !
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