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Found 3rd Feb 2011
Went Geo caching with my daughter on the home from her school, it was our first time and we found 2, quite a thrill for such a simple activity. Any fellow Geo cachers in here?
One was a the base of a post at the enterance to the graveyard and the other was hidden in the exposed roots of a tree.
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Never heard of it until now! Don't like to miss out though, so I will be Googling it properly tonight!
me and my husband tried, we were so close to the object but couldn't locate it!! grrrr
Yeah just started with my 8 year old son too.

Have you gone to

Look at trackables. This is where you place an item in a cache (it does not have to be yours). You give that item a mission. It can be to visit seaside resorts begining with the letter 'F' around the world, or it can be to be sent to a different county to where you live. It's up to you!!

Speak with Kathy at Tel: 01335 301266

She really will explain to you all about trackables, which is another side to geocaching that kids love. I got a stamp made up for my son here too. There is an etiquite and you need to understand that trackables are meant to be taken out of a cache and helped along it's mission. It's worth speaking with her as you will very quickly know things that you had no clue to. For example etiquite is to ensure that you leave at least the same or better product that you take if thats what you have chosen to do.
My daughter-in-law has just found her 100th she and my grandchildren have great fun. All for free
Just googled it ...looks fun.
I've been letterboxing on Dartmoor which is very similar but GPS not needed for many of them. Pew Tor area is just dripping with them
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Been to the geocache website and got the iPhone app, the first one we found was on the main road into town so all the kids from school walk past it on there way into town, just knowing that we k ew it was there and loads of people didn't was such a thrill to my daughter, we felt like Slye on a secret mission when we found it under a bunch of leaves. Inside our box was a piece of paper explaining what it was, a log for you to leave your signature, 2 marbles and 1 set of dice. We wouldn't have found it if it didn't come with a hint.
My husband is mad keen on GeoCaching and has tried to get me to go with him. I have been a few times, but it's just not doing it for me. I find it a bit furtive - routing around in undergrowth and then as soon as someone comes - having to pretend you are not a geo-cacher. It's a great cover story if you have a dog, (which we haven't) but the whole 'adventure has me feeling reeeeeally uncomfortable.
ive never heard of this, so basically people hide things somewhere and you have to find it? when you find it do you take it or have to leave it. sounds interesting.
On Android I use c:geo which is free. The nice thing about this software is that it tells you surrounding caches from where you are.

However I do have dedicated handheld GPS unit Etrex H and Memory Maps on PC, so can end up with all the caches as waypoint on handheld.

ive never heard of this, so basically people hide things somewhere and … ive never heard of this, so basically people hide things somewhere and you have to find it? when you find it do you take it or have to leave it. sounds interesting.

That's where I had to learn. Some people just find and leave, others swap an item (you ought to make sure item you take is replaced with the same of better - difficult with kids). Other items are to be taken and you have about 7-10 days to place it in another cache. Those items have been placed in the box and have a 'mission'. I didn't realise this until I spoke with someone. The owner of the item on a mission expects you to log on to a website and keep them informed on where there item is.
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It can be great fun, we've really enjoyed it when we've done it
sounds good but confusing, might read up a bit more about it when the kids are in bed.
Pink-ka i think it's great fun for the kids, when I looked into it I was surprised that there was a collection of 12 boxes to find in our town all on walking routes so no hiking across the country side, if I said to my daughter let's go for a walk she would refuse point blank but she didn't want to come home tonight she just wanted to walk around town looking for the boxes. The nearest to my house is less than a 100yds.
Sounds like fun for kids etc, id enjoy it while you can before the inevitable 'geo-smashing' starts
The 2 boxes that we found have been live since jan 2009 so I don't feel the Geo bashing is much of a threat.
We love it - takes us to different places to walk the dogs and keeps dd interested, always have to make sure she 'finds' it though.
Even went to an event for the summer solstice (at the top of a hill a few miles away for bacon sandwiches on the bbq as the sun rose) and it was nice to meet some of the names we kept seeing in the log books.
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