Geographical Alternative Telephone Numbers

Found 27th Oct 2006
I was shown this site the other day. It's already saved me money. I have a contract for my mobile that gives inclusive minutes and a similar deal on my landline. When I want to ring frephone numbers, I cant use my mobile minutes and when it isnt an 01 or 02 number, I cant use my landline minutes. You type the number in the box and it gives a list of alternative numbers to reach the same company. It worked with British Gas and NTL so far.
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Thanks for posting this Wendy and welcome to HUKD
I use it all the time, saved me a fortune.
That's a great post thanks!

Recently when my landline wasn't working I couldn't help but see the irony in having to call BT on an 0800 number from my mobile! :roll:
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