Geography AS Level

    Anyone took Geography AS level?

    From Personal Exp what did you think of it.


    Or should i take History Instead


    Did you take Geo at GCSE level?

    Im from scotland but i would recommend history, much more interesting

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    mighty mugger;6230556

    Did you take Geo at GCSE level?

    Yeah i took it, but having a lesson of Geog made me fall asleep today. :thumbsup:

    Change to History much more interesting imo unless you wana do something geography related at uni.

    If you done it at GCSE level then yh its worth doing Geography at A - Level. I hear its harder but it has good prestige with UNI's.

    [COLOR="Red"]A lot of my mates who do Geography say it's quite easy.[/COLOR]

    Fairly easy but very similar to GCSE geography, just same topics in more detail so gets boring quickly. I regret not changing in for History.

    Id say do History, Geography was so boring at school.


    Thread locked. OP request.


    Thread locked. OP request.


    Definitely ;-)

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