George Asda new website

Hi, i have no idea where to put this, but Asda george have a new website. I assume its just gone up as i was on the website this morning and it was the old one. It's asda direct now. Looks like you can buy things from the site now as well!.

feel free to move this to the right section

- loupomm


oooo thanks i like george stuff repped x

AT LAST WOOOOO HOOOOO THANKS REP GIVEN iv been hoping asda would make george available online about time too cheers xx

great! thank you, will look!


thanks lou xxx

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]brill thanks..
any free delivery codes yet!![/COLOR]


Woohoo, thanx, been waiting for this:-D

star thats the bloke out of shawn of the dead init ? lol wicked film :thumbsup:

Brilliant news, like George stuff, thanks :thumbsup:

great find:thumbsup:

anyone one if all the stuff online is also available instore?
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