George Ezra tickets @ Sheffield

Found 6th Jul
Hello all you lovely people!

I'm wondering if anyone knows anywhere I can buy tickets for the George Ezra concert in Sheffield on Aug 18th.

My 9 year old Son loves the guy and his birthday is on 15th August, so I'd like to get us 2 tickets to go watch.

I've tried Ticketmaster but it says there are none available. I've heard there are re-seller sites but to be honest I don't really know what I'm doing or where to look. I've also heard there are a lot of scam sites around so don't want to fall foul of them.

Any help would be massively appreciated.

Thanks all and have an awesome day!
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You will get scammed by the resale sites, they are crooks. It states on george ezra's website that tickets will have names printed on and if it isn't your name you won't get in.

If you really want to see him you can get tickets to Lytham, July 20th LINK. Or consider a cheap flight to Copenhagen or Amsterdam.
Twickets is the only authorised resale partner, so keep checking there. Dice have tickets for Wembley on a waiting list which you might want to join too
Also, keep checking Gumtree.
Get on vibe tickets, always serves me well:)
nrackham766th Jul

Get on vibe tickets, always serves me well:)

Not allowed as photo ID is required, matching the names on the tickets. Must only be resold on Twickets (similar concept to Vibe, no additional fees/charges over primary marketplace).
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