George Foreman Grill

    My mum wanted one for Xmass.
    I never had one myself so I dont know which one to buy.

    Are there any good deals on george forman grills?

    I have seen this one…-21 on sale in asda for 29.99 and in argos for 33.99. Amazon does it for 22.49 is it any good?

    Also is there any difference between these two?…htm…htm


    Go for the bigger ones....the small ones (like the £19 one from Argos)are a waste of time from experience.

    The one we have now is:


    It's a good size, can get 4 good size chicken breasts on it and still has a bit of room to spare. I got mine in Sainsbury's half price sale about 18 months ago.

    They cook faster as you cook both sides at once. It also makes you eat more fried food as you convince yourself that it's much healthier than the shallow fried option, It is but only just.

    Definately go for the bigger version.

    We cook bacon, chicken breasts, pork chops, sausages in ours and it's amazing how much fat drains out!

    I Agree with everyone, go for the bigger ones, also my experience tells me not to go for the ones with removable plates, they dont get hot enough so they tend to steam your food

    i was just looking at some of these on ]TJ Hughes so many bloomin George Foremans to choose from getting myself all confused lol

    Original Poster

    I have seen this one in comet today…ion its bigger than the 19.59 one from argos. I think think its OK for my mum (if its gonna be too big she wouldnt use it cos of the electricity bills)

    try costco they have some good offers on them at times.

    we have the one with the fryer on the side, got it a while ago... have a look on very website and use the 20% off a £50 spend voucher...
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