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    george foreman with removable plates, not catching grease. Its a design fault

    I bought one of these 4 portion models from argos, i ended up shouting at my daughter thinking she wasnt putting the tray under properly. 8 months later i discovered i wasnt her fault, it was actually a design fault with this model. The grease was going everywhere... eeeugghh. I phoned up argos who told me i could exchange it if i could find the receipt... didnt have a clue where it was, so they told me i could send it back via post at my expense.
    Well i wasnt having that, so i went into store showed them a statement of when it was purchased on my laptop screen and they exchanged it for me.

    So just some advice if you have this model, it is an actual fault, so go and exchange it!!


    I have the same model but thankfully it is ok (fingers crossed) Thanks for taking the time to post the advice anyway.:thumbsup:

    It took you 8 months to realise???

    Original Poster


    It took you 8 months to realise???

    It didnt get used very often by me! Just my daughter... so she got the blame.
    I did apologise when i realised though!!:whistling:

    design fault or u didnt read the manual and havent got it set up right?

    op doesn't sound to clever (no h4te), OP prob not putting the try close enough to the grill


    lmao....food for the barbi anyone


    mine works fine....must be user error by OP

    Original Poster

    it defo wasnt user error, i am quite capable of using a george foreman. I did actually speak to someone who told me that the model i had, had a design fault.
    Just thought I would post something on here in case someone else had the same model and problems.
    Was just trying to help.

    thanks for info! know a few people who have this one.. will let them know!

    They should make a website

    "confirmed design faults" for things like this!! someone could go to the website and check if the fault is a design fault (of course has to be confirmed by manufacturer)"
    Someone do it dont forget to mention 5nowman

    Rep for info!
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