George Michael gets community service+ban.

    Just been readin this on the net ......... Lucky man,in my opinion:
    George Michael has been sentenced to 100 hours community service and banned from driving for two years after being caught at the wheel of his car under the influence of drugs.
    The 43-year-old pop star had pleaded guilty to the offence at Brent Magistrates' Court last month.

    Just hope they don't give him a job cleaning the Gents....



    i think its wrong how "stars" get let off lightly

    Original Poster

    yep .... he no diff than one of us

    I wouldn't say he got off lightly at all, Most drug takers (can't think of the right word!) get put on an apprisial scheme and then get off with a driving ban also.

    The dealers are the ones that get heavy jail sentences.
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