German buyed on ebay

A german person bought one of my games on ebay the other day and im wondering how much it will be to post to germany as i only charged the postage ate to UK?


What is the game case like? A DVD case?? :?


It's not much more than posting first class- have a look on the site

I normally bung a couple of quid more on than what the UK P&P is. (Does that make sense? :? )

If I remember right a normal dvd is 70p first class UK.

European is £1.44 for a small packet (which is how I send them).

Just reject the bidder if you stated UK only - or ask him to bang another £3 on the price.....

Original Poster

I didnt state UK only though

I always sell worldwide.

The market is obviously much larger.

It is not much more hassle to post worldwide.

You can make a little more on the postage.

A lot of people buying on eBay know about the deals out there making it harder for you to sell. In the US for instance they may not be able to get the same deals as we do.

Why reject the buyer or overcharge him for postage? Just work out the profit you make on a UK sale and adjust the postage to make the same or a little more on a European/Worldwide sale.

If you are going to follow Paypals User Agreement and use a 'trackable' service that will mean using ISF (International Signed For) and will cost an extra £3.50 on TOP of the actual postage costs.
For a small valued item it may not be worth the extra £3.50, but if the buyer claims not to have received the item you don't have a leg to stand on. You WILL lose a Paypal dispute.

Here is the R/M price guide:-
What I would do, is have a really good look at your buyer, check his feedback, buying and selling history and see if it's worth trading with him.
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